Following the beaten path, off the beaten path

The idea behind Gizmonyx, is to pursue creativity and enhance life through invention.  Focusing on adaptive concepts and a belief that good ideas can come from anywhere keeps us development minded as we work with leading industry technologies, academic research,  and notable ideas from the past.    The team at Gizmonyx is dedicated to finding new ways to test the limits of what can be done and develop adaptive solutions.

Collaboration Is Key

No idea succeeds without people. By the time one person did all the research, testing, and manufacturing necessary to make one idea into a reality, the need for it might be gone. Everyone working at Gizmonyx has the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking innovations. We reward crazy concepts because being bold and being innovative go hand in hand. We strive to help solve issues with our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists. But it doesn’t take a degree to be a part of the team. Some the best concepts come from people that don’t know what is “impossible” yet. We take great ideas and make them into reality.

That’s Just Crazy Enough To Work

We look for ideas that have the ability to effect major change. We’ve posted a handful of these in the projects section, but there’s dozens more cooking up in the lab. The main focus at Gizmonyx is not to sell products we make, our goal is to help people. Our foundation is in develop ideas into reality.  Although it seems no project is ever truly done, some take a few days to develop others we have been working on for a few years.  A diversity pursuits and a developing method to the madness provide a framework to see projects through.    Otherwise playing with ultrasonic agitators and cryoguns would just be another day at the office.



What we do

  • Changing for the future The world is changing and we're helping change with it. We want to help improve the level of technology in the world with innovative ideas and equal access to knowledge
  • Improving the quality of life Everyone deserves an equal quality of life and it's the goal of Gizmonyx to provide that equality regardless of disability, or economic status
  • Working toward a better tomorrow We're tired of waiting for a better world, so we're creating it ourselves. Together we can do anything, and will.